2048HUM: Fame and Celebrity

Summary of 2048HUM: Fame and Celebrity course
Academic Career: UGRD - Undergraduate
Academic Subject Area: Studies in Human Society
Host Element: HUM - School of Humanities
Student Contribution Band: Band 1
Workload Units: 10 Credit Points.
Progress Units: 10 Credit Points.
Description: This course explores key concepts in the Sociology of Celebrity and considers ways in which fame is produced in contemporary society. An historical approach is incorporated, with discussion of the conceptualisation of celebrity since the early 20th Century. In examining how society assigns, generates and uses fame and celebrity status, the course emphasises the way the cultural industries construct celebrities and what the resulting omnipresence of fame means for individuals and society.
Incompatible: 2048ART Fame and Celebrity
Incompatible: 2048AMC Fame and Celebrity in 20th Century
Course Attributes:
  • Course first offered in 2003 Sem 2
  • Course is Timetabled Course
  • Course offered Gold Coast Semester 2
  • Course offered Nathan Semester 2
Enrol Requirements: nil

Course offerings

Offering list
Semester Campus Location Learning
Convenor Profile
Semester 2 - 2013 Gold Coast On Campus In Person 18 Aug 2013 51538 Dr Annita Boyd
Semester 2 - 2013 Nathan On Campus In Person 18 Aug 2013 51539 Dr Annita Boyd

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