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Stephen Billet

Cathy Jenkins talks with Stephen Billett about legitimising workplaces as sites for learning

In the first of a series of interviews about learning in the workplace, Cathy Jenkins talks with Stephen Billett about Legitimising workplaces as sites for learning.

Given the likely strong acceptance, particularly by educators that teaching and learning are synonymous, and therefore that learning outside of intentional taught activities is likely to be piecemeal, ad hoc, or generally poor, it is necessary to consider issues that might constitute the workplace being taken as a legitimate learning environment.

Professor Paul Turnbull

An interview with Professor Paul Turnbull by Stephen Stockwell

Associate Professor Stephen Stockwell discusses with Professor Paul Turnbull, Chair of Griffith's Learning Environment Committee, Griffith's E-learning strategy and the imperative for universities to meet the needs of an emerging highly 'technology literate' student body.

John Dewar

An interview with Professor John Dewar by Cathy Jenkins

John Dewar, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) discusses with Cathy Jenkins key issues on the learning and teaching agenda for Griffith for 2006.