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David Boud

David Boud, Professor of Adult Education at UTS, discusses key ideas in the practice of peer and self assessment at a Celebrating Teaching Seminar on May 10.

Professor Boud is interested in how people learn and what can be done to foster their learning. This has taken him to a variety of settings in adult, higher and professional education and prompted an examination of many practices and processes. In recent years this has ranged from new forms of curriculum design (problem-based learning, negotiated learning and work-based learning) to learning practices (use of reflection, reciprocal peer learning) and assessment (self-assessment, sustainable assessment).

Erica McWilliam

Professor Erica McWilliam, Assistant Dean Research, Faculty of Education, QUT presents a twilight lecture on Unlearning Performance at the Conservatorium on April 11.

Recent educational scholarship draws attention to problems that arise for young people when performance goals are pursued to the exclusion of learning goals. This flies in the face of the idea that learning and performing are a neat complementary set. Erica McWilliam's presentation explores the links between learning, 'unlearning' and performance, using ideas about pedagogy that are in many respects counterintuitive. This includes challenging the idea that good teachers provide clear explanations, minimise errors and pay close personal attention to their students.

Wayne Hudson

Professor Wayne Hudson - The Ideas Festival 2006

Griffith University was a major sponsor of the 2006 Ideas Festival, a four day festival of ideas, innovation and invention, held at South Bank from 29 March - 2 April 2006. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Ian O'Connor noted that "the Ideas Festival promotes Queensland, locally, nationally and internationally as being future driven, innovative, diverse and forward thinking. Griffith University sees the Festival as a wonderful opportunity to showcase Queensland's world-class thinkers and researchers". On Thursday 30 Professor Wayne Hudson participated in a discussion entitle Ode to Mrs Pugsley - about what makes a good teacher.

Ode to Mrs Pugsley - That dream thing, that one good guide, that person who pushes, challenges and changes your life. What makes a good teacher? Tim Goodwin, Wayne Hudson, Allan Luke and Larissa Behrendt wonder who the future guides are and what we will learn.

Stephen Billet

Associate Professor Stephen Billett explores with Cathy Jenkins how learning occurs at work.

In this dialogue, the second in a series of three discussion on workplace learning, Stephen Billett discusses how, having proposed that the workplace can be a legitimate learning environment, it is important to establish the bases by which people learn to work, thereby opening up the prospects for distinct pedagogies and curriculum concepts associated with workplaces as learning environments.

Jonty Stockdale

Professor Jonty Stockdale lecture on Understanding and Developing Approaches to Free Improvisation

Free Improvisation - thought by many to be a rarefied and abstract art form - is simply misunderstood. Drawing on perspectives from within and beyond the boundaries of music, this presentation will examine a musical practice often perceived as self-indulgent, impulsive, wayward and chaotic. By the very nature of it, can an approach be developed for improvising in a free manner? Is free improvisation the same as jazz improvisation? Is the act of improvising really about 'making things up on the spur of the moment'?